Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Good Life

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From time to time I would get a client who came to me for counseling who was living the life of a gigolo.
Before I met them, I thought they lived the good life, wine, dine, everything paid for by their latest paramour. It just seemed like such an easy life for a man who was naturally charming and who liked women and who didn't have to work for a living.
What I didn't realize was that the life of a gigolo is a lot of hard work. They have to always be "on." Most people can have "off" days, but not a man who has to always be charming and pleasant to his latest lover.
Most men have the luxury of picking and choosing women who appeal to them sexually; the gigolo does not have those options. He has to settle for women who will support him in the style to which he has become accustomed or would like to become accustomed.
When a man is in the prime of life and he is reasonably good-looking, he doesn't have to work quite so hard. Younger women are more attracted to him and are willing to pay the price. When a man is older and his looks start to fade, he doesn't have the same options.
An older man has to work much harder to make a woman, of any age, feel beautiful and desirable. He has to always be charming and not let his mask slip.
I once asked a gigolo why he went into this work and he said that when he was younger, he didn't have any particular talents and he liked having a lot of money. He said he sort of fell into the life of a gigolo when women started paying him or having him escort them to resorts around the world when they didn't want to travel alone.
He liked drinking the finest champagne and dancing till the wee hours of morning. His bills were paid. Sometimes, he lived with the women and sometimes they paid him enough to support his lifestyle in a separate residence but he always had to be available when they called.
To my way of thinking, the lifestyle of a gigolo is a lot more hard work than getting a regular job but, at a certain age, with no other training, it may seem like the only option a man has to support himself.
Connie H. Deutsch is an internationally known business consultant and personal advisor who has a keen understanding of human nature and is a natural problem-solver.
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